onsdag 17. juli 2013

A lot of crafting and a lot of gardening. So much fun.

A wee bit to long beteween posts here. i have been incredibly buzy.
I am preparing my garden for a  garden society visiting me the 10th of August, so in between crafting I am running around with my shovels. It do pay of though. it is starting to look real good. next step is tp paint my greenhouse. i cant say I look forward to that but it must be done.

 I also have a fence that i am to build. I cant wait to get that done. it is going to do so much difference for my garden. making rooms, dividing and above all stopping gusting wind blowing all over the place and proved some shade for my pond. And it is going to be very shabby chic, distressed and torn because I am reusing material. i will tell moore about that as soon as I actually get it up ad can show pictures.:)

At evening time I craft. And I craft a lot. Things formyself,swaps and birthday gifts. Perhaps a little cheer up for a friend.

So here is a bunch of pictures of what I have been up too lately.

DT projects for scrapcrafts4you.no. Altered frame.

I made a shadowbox with Graphic 45's ladies diary for a friend. 

More flowers of  course LOL:) 

And Nery, DcscrappinRooster on you tube have spoiled me a lot this winter, so I decided to spoil back. :)

And the Diana. Sparmarbled2012 had her birthday, and she have spoiled me to. So I did a little spoiling back. :)

I made her a flapper! dreamcather. i had so much fun doing this. 

And I must admit, I had a hard time parting with it. I think I must make one for myself to. :)

And I made her a minialbum, well a  pretty chunky one with flappers and doodads and gorgeous laces and other fun stuff. it is a finished album, with quotes about frienship, because she is a dear friend.:)

The metal pieces I used you can fin in my Etsy store
And of course the tiny doodad flowers and other yummy goodness.:)
I used graphic 45's Old curiosity shop paper line.

Video of it you can see  here and the dreamcatcher  here

I gotta get my pretty behind  up from my chair. it is  not raining outside. temperature is good and actually perfect for gardening. Vroooom. See you soon. Thaks for the visit. :) 
I get mighty happy if you leave me acomment. 


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  1. Flink,flittig og dyktig du er!!!!
    Her skulle jeg gjerne også jobbet i hagen,men det regner jo ustanselig så da blir det bloggesurfing i stedetfor :)
    Kjekt å se innlegg fra deg igjen da,men skjønner du har det travelt med alt du har å gjøre så da blir det vel ikke det første som står på listen å gjøre å skrive innlegg;)
    Fortsatt god sommer

  2. For et nydelig innlegg. <3
    Ha en fin dag.

  3. Ok girl, just had to stop by your blog and say hi. Now I feel guilty I've not been here in a while. I love your videos but the pictures here on the blog are gorgeous. Love the lady with the butterfly wing, that is one of my favorite thing you have ever done. So I com to your blog and it's here.
    Blessing my sweet friend.


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