torsdag 30. oktober 2014

Marbled leaves wreath for fall

Fall wreath made with handmade leaves. i did a tutorial on the leaves a week ago. More details in the video below of the wreath. it now hangs in our stairwell wall. It is  attached to a frame I made as a  pinboard with styrofoam and covered it with fabrics. This way I can change the decor in the stairwell  without making holes in the wall. Superneat.
Link to where I got the papers to make the leaves from under the video in the description. Sparmarbles  on artifire have some amazing digipapers, Also pure shabby chic. Great images, can be used for transeferring  on fabrics as well. Really great stuff.


Tutorial to how to make the leaves is here.

Big fall hugs from Lele Lineca :)

onsdag 17. juli 2013

A lot of crafting and a lot of gardening. So much fun.

A wee bit to long beteween posts here. i have been incredibly buzy.
I am preparing my garden for a  garden society visiting me the 10th of August, so in between crafting I am running around with my shovels. It do pay of though. it is starting to look real good. next step is tp paint my greenhouse. i cant say I look forward to that but it must be done.

 I also have a fence that i am to build. I cant wait to get that done. it is going to do so much difference for my garden. making rooms, dividing and above all stopping gusting wind blowing all over the place and proved some shade for my pond. And it is going to be very shabby chic, distressed and torn because I am reusing material. i will tell moore about that as soon as I actually get it up ad can show pictures.:)

At evening time I craft. And I craft a lot. Things formyself,swaps and birthday gifts. Perhaps a little cheer up for a friend.

So here is a bunch of pictures of what I have been up too lately.

DT projects for Altered frame.

I made a shadowbox with Graphic 45's ladies diary for a friend. 

More flowers of  course LOL:) 

And Nery, DcscrappinRooster on you tube have spoiled me a lot this winter, so I decided to spoil back. :)

And the Diana. Sparmarbled2012 had her birthday, and she have spoiled me to. So I did a little spoiling back. :)

I made her a flapper! dreamcather. i had so much fun doing this. 

And I must admit, I had a hard time parting with it. I think I must make one for myself to. :)

And I made her a minialbum, well a  pretty chunky one with flappers and doodads and gorgeous laces and other fun stuff. it is a finished album, with quotes about frienship, because she is a dear friend.:)

The metal pieces I used you can fin in my Etsy store
And of course the tiny doodad flowers and other yummy goodness.:)
I used graphic 45's Old curiosity shop paper line.

Video of it you can see  here and the dreamcatcher  here

I gotta get my pretty behind  up from my chair. it is  not raining outside. temperature is good and actually perfect for gardening. Vroooom. See you soon. Thaks for the visit. :) 
I get mighty happy if you leave me acomment. 


onsdag 22. mai 2013

"I want me a Lele artflower"

I have been making some artflowers again. They ar much fun to make, but gosh they take time to make.
This one measures aprox 5 inches across.

weather have turned from steaming hot to brrrr cold here. 1 week ago there was hardly any green to be seen in my garden and nature  but now it has exploded. 85 degrees fahrenheit(27 celcius) 3 days on row  then rain makes a  lot of difference.

This one I used only vintage colored laces and trims  on. A very vintage loving friend of  mine is going to get it,

Just a  bunch of detail pictures.

Simply love the shabby softness over it.:)

This one is  pure white and is extremely big. Over six inches across (15 cm)

I used a lot of yummy laces from my own store on this one. they are vintage from Austria actually.  The biggest one is actually flocked. Now thats unique. Sure brings a new dimention to it.

 All of hte flowers I am showing today are gifts to some of  my friends. This one goes to a very lovely lady over the big pond. Well they all do, but  wont say whom. They can only quess wich ones is theirs :)

This  lady loves shabby chic and have done some very nice work in that style herself. All these ladies have  had birthdays so it is their gifts since thats what  they wanted. "I want a Lele flower" ... they told  me with a big grin. The cutest sweetest friends ever I have. :)

Gotta have some proper bling in my artflowers. :)

N ow I'd better start dinner before my son and scrubby kills me because of  hunger. LOL Scrubby have been at work and is  hungry and sunny well he is 15 almost 6 feet tall and still growing. Better get cracking. Hope you loved my shabby lele artflowers.  Wish you all a wonderful crafting day!



torsdag 16. mai 2013

I'm back

Hi everyone!
I have been missing in action for the  longest time. I have been so buzy crafting that blogging have kind of  got lost in between paper,metal trinkets,do dad flowers and laces. yes I am a compulsive crafter. Just can not stop.
About a month ago I started up my Etsy store again too. i now sell supplies as well muy own work occacionally. I do You tube videos. yes i am one of those crazy ladies over there. LOL
I also skype a lot with friends that craft all over the world. I am having a blast.
I am still in progress of renovation my home, and  my garden is a never ever stopping journey.
Today i crawled around in my pond. i had emptied it for water to be able to fix the waterfall and to get rid of some bottom yuk. a stinky fun job!

I am a sucker for textures. This is a detail of a an eastereg I altered. Yes altered. because altered arts is my main obsession. I do make the occacional minialbum, cards only when I need to and my favorite medium to craft with is stil lace. i am a  laceoholic.

My you tube channel have  now almost 900 subscribers! yes! Guess whos happy!:))

You find it here. If you sub to me trough my blog It will be nice if you left me a comment and told  me you found my channel trough my blog.

I guess you have understood it. My blog will from now on also contain my own crafwork not just my houserenovations. It will be happy cheers when I have gotten a birthday present ( wich I so got smothered in a good way with this winter!) or if I have swapped with someone. I just finished a swap earlier this weekk with the very talented Shilpa from the Uk. Her channels name is craftangeonline. It was so much fun. :)

My lace art flowers? Yes I still make them. infact I posted 3 of them today, so now they are on their way to 3 very good friends of  mine. Emma, Nery and Diana. Also girls from You tube. My dear skype sisters :)
I have met so many beautiful girls that I now proudly call my sisters. I am truly blessed.

Now regarding to writing in norwegian. sorry I am not gonna do that anymoore. So if you are  norwegian and dont want to read english and are not interested in crafting at all it is okey to leave. But wouldnt it be moore fun to see what happens , what is this loony girl up to now?

i dont have any house pictures or garcden pictures on this computer unfortunately. thing is my computer broke last autumn and sadly even though I had saved a lot of images  online i still lost most of it. My fault, my bad but  dang. well it is  just to start over all fresh right.:)

Now you have seen a  little bit of what I have been up to. My store you can find here.

Anyways i hope you stick by and stay for the fun.

Lots of  kisses 


onsdag 10. oktober 2012

Jeg har fått tak i en mini gine Hurra!

Endelig har jeg fått tak i en mini gine. Det har jeg ønsket meg sååå lenge. Det er  langt mellom dem her  i løandet og hvis  man finner så er de enten svindyre eller stygge.  Beste av alt med denne er at det er en type jeg  kan forandre på etter som jeg vil. Yay!

Passer perfekt inn hos  meg. :)

En del vil jeg  kanskje ha den lysblå eller sort eller skikkelig patinert. Nema  problema. 

Jeg har fått tak i ginen på en norsk nettbutikk.
Papiret jeg har dekorert med fant jeg også der. Stilig!

Kan ikke bli så mye mere vintage shabby chic enn dette. :)

Her er direkte link til ginen . 
Jeg har malt foten og toppen med hvit akrylmaling og deretter hatt på krakelering.  

Ellers har jeg ikke gjort annet i huset nå enn å dekorere til høsten. Skal få laget noen ny gresskar a la de jeg  lagde i fjor. De ble veldig populære. Bare tiden nå strekker til.

I got this dressform from the shop I am linking to above. i have decopauged it with this gorgeous newspaper look a like paper. Perfect colors for my home, vintage shabby chic. Best part is that I can alter it again, in whatever style i choose. This shop also sends abroad. Thats also a good thing. :)

I gotta go, hubby is  home and I suspect he is  hungry and wants dinner. If I just can manage to get my but out of  my craftroom LOL:)



søndag 2. september 2012

So much to tell

 Hi guys,Long time no see. Summer have come and gone again. My garden is voluptious, overgrown and wonderful even though autumn now have come and signs of decay is cleary visible in the garden. The oriantal lillies overpower the garden with their scents. its just wonderful. I have done lots this summer. Everything but blogging. Between kids and hubby and the garden I have finally got inb touch with my artistic genes again after many years of almost non excisting creativitiy. Me starting to make my flowers was the start of it. I am now a active part of the creative community at You tube where i upload and tell about my doings. i swap and make stuff for friends as well.

My Yiu tube channels name is Lineca Ekseth.  I do a lot of different things. I scrapbook, dont  make  lay outs  or cards but books I love to make. Mostly i am a altered arts artist. I do love mixed  media as well, mixed media I usually a  part of  my books somethow. Right  now I have a thing for making  mixed media bags. I love giving away things to my firends  wropped up pretty so that what i am into now.:)

Under here is a video I made of my Tussie mussie i made for  my friend tricia  in Uk. She is a Alittleshabbychic at UT.:)

Tricias tussie mussie

You will of course find the rest of my videos there as well.

I havent made many flowers  latelu for sale. i just havent had the time at all. Hopefully now that the garden season is soon over i will have moore time. But as you will see in the tussie  mussie video my work usually have some  of  my flowers  on them. :)

The  plaque over  here I have  made for  my mums shop. My mum have started a new online crafting store here in Norway. we feelt it was way to many things we couldnt get here in Norway. Getting hold  of for example graphic 45 papers to a decent price , wel finding it  at all was a challenge. There are several crafters here in Norway that  is addictid to G45 papers and eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner, me among them. getting hold of whole paper pads not  just a single sheet here and there and to reasonable prices was completely hopeless. now I have a lot to do with mums shop of course. I am head of the design team. We are now working on making a blog and you will recognized the  plaque over her both in the blog and at scrapcrafts4you's facebook page. wich we have of course.

Scrapcrafts4you is the only seller of Lindys stampgang in the whole of Europe and that means that we ship outside Norway. Right now the price for a trymesett is the lowest ever i8 found. 10.90 sterling pounds wich is 4 pounds under what  Lindys themself charge for them. can be beaten.
All the flowers on the  plaque were plain white flowers wich I have colored with Lindys. Also the cracking in the letters I made with lindys. I love that stuff.
Because of the  popularity of dressforms( giner) both in the crafting community and among interior bloggers we also have wonderful dressforms.
Uh I sound  like a commercial . But you know when there is good news to be shred, one have to share them.  lol:)

Regarding my interior, well my buzy scedule this summer really tells  it all dont it. i havent had the time. Most interior related stuff I have done is to help my BFF move  here store from her home based  little shop in her basement to a big space in town. We used one week from we started till the doors opened up for  the customers. She have a very well known and  loved  shope already so the  move was due. Moore space and even moore goodies to offer the customers.

The shops name is Paradiset interiør. Wich I dont think I have to translate of you..)
Pictures belove are a few from when we made the shope come to life. We worked 16 hours days for 6 days. I tell you it was not a  bed  of roses to make this happend. But so worth it. I love my Bff, All for her.:))

 So much fun, so many cardboxes( yikes) so many things to move ( ten thousands of them) and move them many times also before they got their correct  place in the shop. While we worked it looked like crazy.

And when it was finally fisished we were exhausted but oh so proud of our work.

ninas gale verden. is her blog.

Mow I have been away with my scrubby this weekend at our cabin in the mountains, picking blueberrys and mushrooms, enjoying eachothers company, not a single  nagging teenager in sight( hallelujay for that) We had a wonderful romantic weekend. Now i need to get myself updated  online here. My fingers itches to create again after not doing it all for the whole weekens.  Lol

Lots  of kisses to everyone.  Sorry to the norwegian I wrot this only in english, but I just dont have the time to do both at them moment.

fredag 6. juli 2012

Prioritations and garden- Prioriteringer og hage

Det har blitt sommer, solen skinner og helt ærlig talt koker jeg. Jeg har ligget temmelig strøken med influensa for litt siden, det henger igjen i kroppen enda. Jeg pusler i hagen for tiden. Jeg orker ikke så mye, ei heller orker jeg å være særlig sosial for tiden. Jeg har begrenset det til noen få ting, fordi jeg kjenner nå at jeg har nådd en grense og da må jeg bare stoppe opp litt. Jeg har familie og ta vare på og når livet blir tøft i sånevnte er det bare å kaste inn håndkleet. Når venninde går bort i en alder av 45 setter det igjen spor i sjelen som man ikke riktig kan kaste av seg så lett. Konfirmasjonen slet meg ut, det ble en helt fantastisk dag og jeg er veldig glad for at poden ble overlykkelig og hadde en fantastisk dag.  Min mor har åpnet ny scrappe/ crafting butikk på nettet og jeg hjelper til med den også. Så tiden flyr noe innmari fort. Jeg har ikke overskudd eller tid til å blogge for øyeblikket. Slik må det bare være akkurat nå. Håper dere blir værende her på bloggen selv om jeg er temmelig fraværende.
I rolige timer til overs sitter jeg og lager ting på det nye hobbyrommet mitt. Det er nemmelig det eneste  interiør relaterte jeg har gjort de sisite månedene. Nå er ikke det  klart for noen omvisning enda, men det blir nok. Jeg omgir meg blonder, vakre ting venner har laget til meg, ja  i det hele tatt et superromantisk rom som jeg kan herje med uten å tenke på at en viss mann i huset med allergi for madonnaer, rosa, lyseblått og polkadotter samt litt diverse annet legger inn noen form for protester. ;)

Jeg har dog laget filmer fra hagen min, og det vil jeg fortsette å gjøre selvsagt. Akkurat nå er det overflod av storkenebb, akeleier i hagen og nå har rosene og Clematisene begynt å blomstre også. Det er så vakkert. 4 år er hagen og nå føler jeg at jeg har  kommet på samme stadium med hagen som min gamle hage var når vi flyttet for 4 år siden. Det er lykke for meg. Hvor mange timer med slit og ja til tider tårer der ute jeg har tilbragt aner jeg ikke. Det vises dog tydelig på filmene at det har slitet vært verdt.

Håper dere koser dere riktig med filmene, det er jo tross alt sommer, og at jeg inspirerer dere til å starte egen hage for fullt. Det er nemlig ikke så vanskelig som det kan se ut som. En kjærlig hånd, god jord,vann og gjødsel er det som skal til.

Akkurat det er det jeg og familien trenger akkurat nå også, så jeg tar det med ro nå, jeg håper dere viser forståelse for det.

Mange klemmer

Line cathrin

I am sorry for my absense in here at the  moment. To much stuff is ging on in me and  my familys life now. I have had to cut down my activities a lot onlie and keep to a few ones because my energy just does not cope with everything. I am making videos from my garden though. My garden is  my terapeut at the moment. Geraniums, colombines, roses, clematis and lots moore are now flowering.
I hope you enjoy my videos and stay with me in bly blog until I have moore energy to share again.

Lots of kisses.

Line Cathrin

søndag 10. juni 2012

I need time.

Hei folkens.
Beklager det ble så stille fra min kant. Jeg har  vært helt utslitt etter konfirmasjonen, er syk også og har mistet en venninde igjennom mange år også, hun ble  bare 45 år.  Så det er tøft for meg akkurat nå. Når det blir slik er liksom blogging ikke akkurat det som blir prioritert. Jeg har brukt kreftene til å kreere litt i crafting rommet mitt det har hjulpet meg  mye. Litt haging har jeg jo også gjort men kreftene har  ikke  helt vært der til det heller.  jeg kommer tilbake igjen, forhåpentligvis  sterkere enn før. Akkurat nå trenger jeg tiden til hjelp.

Hi guys!
Im sorry I got so silent. I am exhausted after my sons confirmation party. I am also sick and  on top of that a long time friend have passed away. She became only 45. It is a heavy loss. I have used  my time to create, it is  lot of  medicine and recreation in that.  I have done some gardening as well but not much. I havent had the  normal lust to do that either. When I am better I promise to get back stronger. For the time beeing I just need my time.

torsdag 3. mai 2012

Action in the party preparations.

Det er vel aldri festforberedelser uten litt action og uforutsette skjær i sjøen.
I går morges våknet vi til et syn eller det vil si mangelen på et ute på bunkers taket.Festteltet var vekk!! Det har ikke vært vind her i hele tatt, en gedigen kastevind  har gjort ugangnen antar vi. Festteltet viste seg å mangle kappe nederst så vi antar at det er årsaken. Snorene som fulgte med var også veldig pinglete. Lånt av svoger, så dette er  mildt sagt surt.Vi må jo erstatte det. Heldigvis er det råd å få det opp igjen. Det hadde blåst ned i innkjørselen vår.Tatt veien over dammen, knust noen hagemøbler til pinneved og  gikk Hjortesumaken en kakk.Vi er veldig glade for at det ikke hadde tatt turen ned  på gamle E6. Det kunne jo ha truffet en bil, eller forbipasserende.:o We hadde forankret det i gedigne stener.Nærmere sagt slike stener som jeg har flere plasser i hagen. At vinden må ha vært enormt serk så vi tydelig, da flere av stenene var vippet rundt på hodet. Slike som på bildet under.

There is  never  preparations to a big party without  problems. Yesterday morning did we find a sight we never forget. The big party tent was  missing. We assume a very strong wind had come during the  morning hours and swept it off. It lacked border or what can I call it at the bottom, meaning  air could get inside. The ropes was not equal to the size they was to hold. Not our fault, thats how it was delivered. The stones the ropes were secured to was huge. Same stones that I have several places in my garden.Ones like under in the  picture.

Teltet har skader men er brukelig. Vi må få tak i hvit pressening og  tape fast så det blir en kappe nederst tenker jeg. Tauene må også få større dimmensjon.Tenk så pinglete konstruksjon. Svoger som vi har lånt teltet av vet jeg nok ikke var klar over dette, da teltet var helt nytt og ubrukt. Vi må være takknemlig for at det ikke skadet noen.

The tent have damages but can be used. We need to get hold of  white tarpaulin to make a skirt at the bottom. The ropes needs to be replaced to a bigger dimmension as well.  My brother in law wich we have borrowed it from, do not know how weak the construction of the tent is. It has  never been used before.  We must be thankful that it did not hurt anyone.

Mathias gleder seg veldig til dagen nå. Grugleder seg. Han ser ikke frem til å må gå på scenen for  å ta  i mot kursbeviset, litt beskjeden sjø. Han gleder seg dog veldig til å ha hele familien på besøk. Ja så er det jo gavene da. ;-) Jeg vet at han får litt fornuftige gaver ikke bare haugevis med pææng, det er jeg veldig glad for. Har hørt om konfirmanter som har sløst bort alle pengene sine  på bare uker. Det blir veldig dumt. Dette bildet er fra 2010. Har ikke fått tatt bilde av han nå, men han er nyklippet, hakket mere mandig i utseendet ,( veeel etter hans  mening) men han har jo selvsagt vokst mye. 30 cm  høyere siden dette bildet.

Mathias is  looking forward to his big day now. He is a little nervous for going up on stage and reciving the course diploma, but that he must do.He is a little modest. He is very much looking forward to having the whole family on visit. Yes then it is the gifts of course. ;) He gets some useful presents I know, not only huge amounts of money. I have heard of kids waisting all their money in matter of weeks. Thats very stupid. This picture is from 2010. I have not taken picture of him right now, but he has a  new  haircut and have grown a  lot, resembeling a little man now.  He thinks so very much himself.  (weeeel ;) ) He have grown a  lot. 12 inces since then.

Jeg er jo hans mor og mysrsnipa til tusen, så jeg synes jo han er en knakandes kjekk kar. ;O)

I am his  mother so I think he is the most gorgeous little man in the whole wide  world. ;O)

 3 years old. 

10 years.

My sister on on his right.


Fra stesøsterens konfirmasjon i fjor. Litt mere vokst opp. :)

From his stepsisters confirmation last year. A bit moore grown up. :)

Nå må jeg få rompa  i gor igjen. Kjøkkenet mitt er totalt bomba. Ikke hatt tid til å ordne det på flere dager, da så sinnsykt mye har blitt gjort rundt om ellers. Mormor  kommer om en par timer og vil hjelpe til litt mere. Er så sinnsykt glad for at jeg har en slik omtenksom fantastisk mormor.  Hun er 83 år nå og utrolig sprek for alderen.

Now I gotta get my but moving again. My kitchen looks  like a bombe  impact. I have not hdad time to fix there the last couple of days since I have had so much to do elsewhere. My granny coms to help me  in a couple of hours. She aboslutely loves doing that.  am so incredibly thankful and humble, im so lucky to have such a  toughtful, wonderful granny.  She is 83 now and incredibly fit for her age.

Mange mange klemmer til alle mine  lesere. Jeg setter så pris på at dere følger meg. Jeg skal lage til en give away om en liten måneds tid for dere. Superstore klemmer.

Many many hugs to my readers- I apreciate so much that you follow me. I will have a give away for you in a  moths time. it will be international as well of course. Superbig hugs to you all.