torsdag 16. mai 2013

I'm back

Hi everyone!
I have been missing in action for the  longest time. I have been so buzy crafting that blogging have kind of  got lost in between paper,metal trinkets,do dad flowers and laces. yes I am a compulsive crafter. Just can not stop.
About a month ago I started up my Etsy store again too. i now sell supplies as well muy own work occacionally. I do You tube videos. yes i am one of those crazy ladies over there. LOL
I also skype a lot with friends that craft all over the world. I am having a blast.
I am still in progress of renovation my home, and  my garden is a never ever stopping journey.
Today i crawled around in my pond. i had emptied it for water to be able to fix the waterfall and to get rid of some bottom yuk. a stinky fun job!

I am a sucker for textures. This is a detail of a an eastereg I altered. Yes altered. because altered arts is my main obsession. I do make the occacional minialbum, cards only when I need to and my favorite medium to craft with is stil lace. i am a  laceoholic.

My you tube channel have  now almost 900 subscribers! yes! Guess whos happy!:))

You find it here. If you sub to me trough my blog It will be nice if you left me a comment and told  me you found my channel trough my blog.

I guess you have understood it. My blog will from now on also contain my own crafwork not just my houserenovations. It will be happy cheers when I have gotten a birthday present ( wich I so got smothered in a good way with this winter!) or if I have swapped with someone. I just finished a swap earlier this weekk with the very talented Shilpa from the Uk. Her channels name is craftangeonline. It was so much fun. :)

My lace art flowers? Yes I still make them. infact I posted 3 of them today, so now they are on their way to 3 very good friends of  mine. Emma, Nery and Diana. Also girls from You tube. My dear skype sisters :)
I have met so many beautiful girls that I now proudly call my sisters. I am truly blessed.

Now regarding to writing in norwegian. sorry I am not gonna do that anymoore. So if you are  norwegian and dont want to read english and are not interested in crafting at all it is okey to leave. But wouldnt it be moore fun to see what happens , what is this loony girl up to now?

i dont have any house pictures or garcden pictures on this computer unfortunately. thing is my computer broke last autumn and sadly even though I had saved a lot of images  online i still lost most of it. My fault, my bad but  dang. well it is  just to start over all fresh right.:)

Now you have seen a  little bit of what I have been up to. My store you can find here.

Anyways i hope you stick by and stay for the fun.

Lots of  kisses 


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  1. God to see You back in action!!!Du har vært savnet!
    Toveklem :)


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