onsdag 22. mai 2013

"I want me a Lele artflower"

I have been making some artflowers again. They ar much fun to make, but gosh they take time to make.
This one measures aprox 5 inches across.

weather have turned from steaming hot to brrrr cold here. 1 week ago there was hardly any green to be seen in my garden and nature  but now it has exploded. 85 degrees fahrenheit(27 celcius) 3 days on row  then rain makes a  lot of difference.

This one I used only vintage colored laces and trims  on. A very vintage loving friend of  mine is going to get it,

Just a  bunch of detail pictures.

Simply love the shabby softness over it.:)

This one is  pure white and is extremely big. Over six inches across (15 cm)

I used a lot of yummy laces from my own store on this one. they are vintage from Austria actually.  The biggest one is actually flocked. Now thats unique. Sure brings a new dimention to it.

 All of hte flowers I am showing today are gifts to some of  my friends. This one goes to a very lovely lady over the big pond. Well they all do, but  wont say whom. They can only quess wich ones is theirs :)

This  lady loves shabby chic and have done some very nice work in that style herself. All these ladies have  had birthdays so it is their gifts since thats what  they wanted. "I want a Lele flower" ... they told  me with a big grin. The cutest sweetest friends ever I have. :)

Gotta have some proper bling in my artflowers. :)

N ow I'd better start dinner before my son and scrubby kills me because of  hunger. LOL Scrubby have been at work and is  hungry and sunny well he is 15 almost 6 feet tall and still growing. Better get cracking. Hope you loved my shabby lele artflowers.  Wish you all a wonderful crafting day!



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