søndag 2. september 2012

So much to tell

 Hi guys,Long time no see. Summer have come and gone again. My garden is voluptious, overgrown and wonderful even though autumn now have come and signs of decay is cleary visible in the garden. The oriantal lillies overpower the garden with their scents. its just wonderful. I have done lots this summer. Everything but blogging. Between kids and hubby and the garden I have finally got inb touch with my artistic genes again after many years of almost non excisting creativitiy. Me starting to make my flowers was the start of it. I am now a active part of the creative community at You tube where i upload and tell about my doings. i swap and make stuff for friends as well.

My Yiu tube channels name is Lineca Ekseth.  I do a lot of different things. I scrapbook, dont  make  lay outs  or cards but books I love to make. Mostly i am a altered arts artist. I do love mixed  media as well, mixed media I usually a  part of  my books somethow. Right  now I have a thing for making  mixed media bags. I love giving away things to my firends  wropped up pretty so that what i am into now.:)

Under here is a video I made of my Tussie mussie i made for  my friend tricia  in Uk. She is a Alittleshabbychic at UT.:)

Tricias tussie mussie

You will of course find the rest of my videos there as well.

I havent made many flowers  latelu for sale. i just havent had the time at all. Hopefully now that the garden season is soon over i will have moore time. But as you will see in the tussie  mussie video my work usually have some  of  my flowers  on them. :)

The  plaque over  here I have  made for  my mums shop. My mum have started a new online crafting store here in Norway. we feelt it was way to many things we couldnt get here in Norway. Getting hold  of for example graphic 45 papers to a decent price , wel finding it  at all was a challenge. There are several crafters here in Norway that  is addictid to G45 papers and eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner, me among them. getting hold of whole paper pads not  just a single sheet here and there and to reasonable prices was completely hopeless. now I have a lot to do with mums shop of course. I am head of the design team. We are now working on making a blog and you will recognized the  plaque over her both in the blog and at scrapcrafts4you's facebook page. wich we have of course.

Scrapcrafts4you is the only seller of Lindys stampgang in the whole of Europe and that means that we ship outside Norway. Right now the price for a trymesett is the lowest ever i8 found. 10.90 sterling pounds wich is 4 pounds under what  Lindys themself charge for them. can be beaten.
All the flowers on the  plaque were plain white flowers wich I have colored with Lindys. Also the cracking in the letters I made with lindys. I love that stuff.
Because of the  popularity of dressforms( giner) both in the crafting community and among interior bloggers we also have wonderful dressforms.
Uh I sound  like a commercial . But you know when there is good news to be shred, one have to share them.  lol:)


Regarding my interior, well my buzy scedule this summer really tells  it all dont it. i havent had the time. Most interior related stuff I have done is to help my BFF move  here store from her home based  little shop in her basement to a big space in town. We used one week from we started till the doors opened up for  the customers. She have a very well known and  loved  shope already so the  move was due. Moore space and even moore goodies to offer the customers.

The shops name is Paradiset interiør. Wich I dont think I have to translate of you..)
Pictures belove are a few from when we made the shope come to life. We worked 16 hours days for 6 days. I tell you it was not a  bed  of roses to make this happend. But so worth it. I love my Bff, All for her.:))

 So much fun, so many cardboxes( yikes) so many things to move ( ten thousands of them) and move them many times also before they got their correct  place in the shop. While we worked it looked like crazy.

And when it was finally fisished we were exhausted but oh so proud of our work.

ninas gale verden. is her blog.

Mow I have been away with my scrubby this weekend at our cabin in the mountains, picking blueberrys and mushrooms, enjoying eachothers company, not a single  nagging teenager in sight( hallelujay for that) We had a wonderful romantic weekend. Now i need to get myself updated  online here. My fingers itches to create again after not doing it all for the whole weekens.  Lol

Lots  of kisses to everyone.  Sorry to the norwegian I wrot this only in english, but I just dont have the time to do both at them moment.

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  1. BFF Tihi! ;)
    I å du å ho der Paris Hilton! ;)
    Takk for fole go hjelp, men i trur du må komme nedover igjen snart, for i mårrå fer hæle butikken min! ;) Solgt halvparten tå møblan!!!

    1. Hehe:))

      Kjære vene. Men det er jo knall bra!

  2. Herlig og gledelig gjensyn i blogglandia:)
    Det er en tid for alt,så bra du har hatt det travelt...da får blogg være blogg!


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